bio-sheila-boyingtonIASL Partnerships presents Sheila Boyington, co-Founder, Thinking Media

Sheila Boyington, MS, P.E. is co-Founder with her husband Dane of Thinking Media where she serves as President. Thinking Media is the creator of Learning Blade® for STEM education that introduces the students to STEM technologies and career opportunities through an entertaining game-based forma and has been validated by BattelleEd to increase awareness and interest in STEM Careers. Thinking Media also created KeyTrain® that was acquired by ACT (where she also served as Vice President until 2012) and has been hailed as the most effective system for improving basic skills, and was used by millions of students/clients in high schools, community colleges, one stops and major corporations in throughout the United States and abroad. Thinking Media is also the creator of PictureRx® for health literacy and CharacterEd.Net® for K-12 character education.

Sheila is currently serving as a Strategic Partner and Senior Advisor to STEMconnector® - the leading STEM organization in the country. Additionally she serves on their STEM Innovation Task Force. Sheila is well-known for her passion, strong management and leadership skills. Those skills have been and are being used to gain high adoption of the Thinking Media tools.

Sheila has won numerous awards for her Entrepreneurship and Leadership including the Athena, Navigator of Entrepreneurship, Supernova, and Chattanooga Engineer Entrepreneur of the Year. Sheila is a Professional Engineer, and holds a Masters Degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. Sheila worked for environmental firms such as Black and Veatch, Parsons Engineering prior to founding Thinking Media.

While working with and for ACT, Sheila led efforts that developed programs focused on technical jobs that were part of the National Association of Manufacturing's - Manufacturing Institute, Veteran Programs among others. The Boyington's have also served in numerous leadership roles including serving as the first Chairs of the Parent's Advisory Board at Georgia Tech, Engineering Dean's Leadership Council University of Tennessee of Chattanooga. They have sponsored activities related to STEM at University of Florida (Undergraduate Lab), Georgia Tech (President's Scholarships), Girls Incorporated (Programs focused on STEM), and Girls Preparatory School (STEM Curricula).