Welcome to Events!

Greetings IASL Members,

You may recall that one of the goals of IASL is to engage with school leaders and recognize and replicate their successful STEM models. We have done this through our awards program and more recently online in partnership with STEMconnector and its STEMdaily news feed, featuring our leaders each Tuesday through their blog.

I am now pleased to announce collaboration with Marymount University in forming the MU-IASL STEM Student Chapter as well as invite you to intense Project Based Learning (PBL), sponsored by IASL, and brought to you by the Think Forward PBL Institute.

Dr. Rajdev, member of the IASL Advisory Board, is a Professor of Education with Marymount University and brings expertise in teaching math and science methodology with an emphasis on identifying errors and misconceptions in mathematics. She has been part of Marymount's faculty since 2008. She is a recipient of the Faculty of the Year 2012 Service Award, the 2012 Virginia Project Learning Tree Outstanding Educator Award, and the 2012 National Project Learning Tree Outstanding Educator Award.

Steven Zipkes, a founding IASL member, is the Principal of Manor New Technology High School and the PBL Institute. His school is 100 percent PBL-based and is a nationally recognized STEM model as recognized by President Obama and U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan.

More information can be found regarding these organizations under the partners section of our website.

IASL is committed to collaborate with global STEM leaders in providing continuing guidance for implementing excellent STEM programming and education certification through ongoing events which will be listed under the events section of our website.


The IASL Team