Video: STEM Leaders will want to meet Dr. Carole Inge, Founder of International Association for STEM Leadership

Dr Carole Inge is leading a new effort with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). After developing many programs, and through nearly two decades of research, conferences, and policy events, she became aware that there is no common understanding of the many aspects of STEM education and the kind of leadership that is needed to define those qualities. Responding to the widespread demand for STEM standardization, several colleagues and Dr. Inge founded the International Association for STEM Leaders (IASL) (www.stem-leaders.com) to respond to the expressed needs of STEM leaders. IASL was designed to be the umbrella organization to identify STEM leadership attributes and people who understand and promote those attributes. They have developed a draft of common STEM language to brand STEM education as a student outcome and believe this must start with STEM education leaders.

We applaud those who have grown STEM curriculum on their campuses or within their systems. Some program leaders have chosen prepackaged curriculum, contests, etc. and others have had to rely on their own internal ingenuity and human resources, spending considerable time on the details of STEM program development. In all cases, there seems to be a need for more information, the next technological breakthrough around the corner, the next career path being created because of the "flattening of the world," due in part, to the proliferation of the Internet. Now more than ever, mentoring and coaching for administrators and other STEM school leaders is critically needed. Whether you are in the beginning stages of development or several years into it, there needs to be a NETWORK for STEM leaders that is internationally recognized. Visit our website for event details. www.stem-leaders.com