STEM Leaders Attending USA Science and Engineering Festival

The International Association for STEM Leaders (IASL) is becoming globally recognized for creating the gold standard model for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics excellence in both traditional and nontraditional educational settings. In two weeks, on April 24-25, top STEM leaders from around the world will gather in the Washington, D.C. convention center to learn who will receive an award for their work in STEM. Emphasis of the awards goes to individuals and groups who have demonstrated exceptional leadership at the school, district and state levels. Both K-12 and higher education leaders will be recognized.

Dr. Jeff Mathews, a nationally recognized leader from Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology from Texas will be in attendance and shares, "The IASL STEM Leadership Summit promises to be a tremendous step in the journey of creating a common understanding of STEM education. In order for a team to own the standard of excellence, a common "golden standard" must be established and I am excited to be a part of this experience as together we lead -- moving STEM forward for the future of our students and our country."

IASL is a grass roots organization focused on leaders whose work is making a significant difference in the lives of students every day through STEM. In collaboration with identified global STEM leaders such as Dr. Mathews, the IASL is promising to provide guidance for creating excellence in STEM programming and its first goal is to develop the first internationally recognized STEM education certification program that is industry-based and recognized throughout the world.

We are also pleased to announce Sherry Lassiter will be presenting MIT's vision for Fab Labs. Ms. Lassiter is one of the architects of the MIT global initiative for field on-site technology development, the Fab Lab program. A Fab Lab, or as users like to call it, fabulous laboratory, is a rapid prototyping platform for technical education, innovation and personal expression. The Fab Lab network includes over 200 digital fabrication facilities in 34 countries. Lassiter is Director and co-founder of the Fab Foundation, and is on the board of Fab Folk Inc., both non-profit organizations committed to building technical capacity in a locality, improving individuals' abilities to develop themselves and their communities and bringing access to tools and knowledge that cultivate and support innovating practices.

In addition to learning more about Fab Labs, IASL organizers are also scheduling and planning ways these leaders can share model STEM efforts, collaborate on new ideas for STEM programs, and learn innovative ways to reach all students with STEM. At the IASL summit, organizers will meet with their corporate partners and STEM leaders to bring together selected invitees who are leading exemplary STEM programs at NGOs, schools, school districts, academies, nontraditional institutions, and outreach programs.

The IASL Leadership Summit will be held in collaboration with the USA Science and Engineering Festival; all leaders in STEM are welcome to contact the IASL (www.stem-leaders.com) for more details regarding participation.