Governor Terry McAuliffe serving as the First Governor to be the Honorary Chair for Million Women Mentors® for Virginia.

Terry McAuliffeMWM – VA Secures the Governor to serve as honorary chair to support Virginia’s efforts toward reaching their pledge goal. He is the first Governor to serve as an Honorary Chair for MWM.

WASHINGTON D.C. July 23, 2015 – Today Virginia announced that Governor Terry McAuliffe will be the First Governor to be the Honorary Chair for the Million Women Mentors® (MWM) effort in Virginia! Governor Terry McAuliffe’s support will be instrumental in growing the movement to reach the 3000 pledges for the state. The leadership team for MWM –VA is currently focusing on growing the higher education sector for the MWM Effort, which makes Governor McAuliffe a perfect fit. Education is at the heart of Governor McAuliffe’s policies, and he recognizes the importance of STEM as a focus within education systems. The Governor advocates for non-traditional education methods to ensure students are ready for the workforce. Million Women Mentors is connecting students to industry through mentorship opportunities.

“In order to build a new Virginia economy, we need to equip our students with the skills they need to fill the jobs of today and create the jobs of tomorrow. Providing girls and women with mentors through the Million Women Mentors movement will support getting more women into these high demand STEM positions. I am proud to be the first governor to serve as the Honorary Chair for the Million Women Mentors effort in our state.”

-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

The MWM – VA Leadership Team is excited to begin working with the Governor, whose role as the Honorary Chair is to advocate for MWM inclusion in the conversation for education in STEM as well as keeping girls and women as a focus in STEM fields.

To learn more on how you can participate in your state’s efforts please register at the website www.MillionWomenMentors.org. A full update on the efforts of Virginia and the other 30 states, which have joined the MWM initiative, will be released this September.

About Million Women Mentors: Launched on January 8th, 2014, MWM is the collective action of over 58 national partners and 30 corporate sponsors (as of July 2014) designed to increase the number of girls and women within the high school to work age continuum that persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers. For more information on MWM, please visit www.MillionWomenMentors.org.

About STEMconnector®: STEMconnector® is a consortium of over 110 companies, associations, academic institutions and government entities concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital. STEMconnector® focuses on the STEM workforce and jobs, with a particular emphasis on diversity and women. Our work spans the entire pipeline (Kindergarten to Jobs) and how STEM education experiences translate into careers. For more information, visit www.STEMconnector.org.