Sam Polsky

Sam Polsky has spent his entire career in STEM-related pursuits, including such fields as biotechnology, software development, data management, and asynchronous and synchronous instruction. He is considered a leading subject expert in software architecture and has led the formation of several IASL endeavors, to include integrating IASL business solutions to optimize organizational utilization of technology.

Mr. Polsky began his entrepreneurship career as a leader for the first undergraduate team to win the Duke Startup Challenge, a business development competition geared towards Duke University's various graduate schools. His involvement with Sundance Genetics and this competition led to direct financing for the company and established the company's strategic vision for providing a non-genetically modified, drought resistant, insect resistant corn alternative to both U.S. and international markets. These efforts also resulted in Sundance Genetics being placed on Fortune Magazine's 2002 list of the top 15 hot startups.