inge carole 8328Carole Cameron Inge, Ed.D., a leading social entrepreneur and advocate for STEM education, founded IASL. She has led several major STEM organizations, to include directing the NASA Center for Distance Learning for NASA Langley Research Center. During her tenure, the NASA outreach program reached over 200,000 teachers and over 4 million children through 950 international television affiliates and online mechanisms. As part of this work, Dr. Inge designed scientifically based research projects for both NASA and Discovery Education to determine the extent of increased student achievement and career exploration in STEM areas. This work was published in the U.S. Department of Education's "What Works" Clearinghouse.

For Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Dr. Inge designed and led a modeling and simulation center with a focus on STEM in the energy and environmental fields. She also founded and directed the National Institute for Technology Policy and Research, which focused on the use and transformation of technology in teaching and learning. In 2003, Dr. Inge help found a nationally recognized multi-million dollar broadband company that today provides connectivity to hundreds of schools and universities throughout Virginia. She designed and led one of the first large scale two-way interactive technology projects for education in the country and she was instrumental in launching educational video on demand services in K-12 environments. Dr. Inge is considered a leader in asynchronous and synchronous education, holding a Masters and Doctorate in education technology policy from The George Washington University.


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President of STEM Certification

Dr. Usha Rajdev has been part of Marymount's community since 2008. She was a recipient of the Faculty of the Year 2012 Service Award, the 2012 Virginia Project Learning Tree Outstanding Educator Award, and the 2012 National Project Learning Tree Outstanding Educator Award. Dr. Rajdev and Fort Belvoir Elementary School earned the Association of Teacher Educators in Virginia 2014 School/University Partnership Award. She was also awarded the 2014 STEM Leadership Award by IASL, for her STEM program and activities in partnership with local schools and Marymount students. She was also selected for a Fulbright Specialist Project in India, conducting professional development workshops with faculty and undergraduates in Education, and developing a community-wide service-learning project to promote literacy.

Dr. Rajdev’s expertise is in teaching math and science methodology with an emphasis on identifying errors and misconceptions in mathematics. She is currently developing STE(A)M integrated lesson plans with Marymount pre-service teachers in partnership with Fort Belvoir Elementary School counterparts. She also has a continued partnership with the NASA Goddard Space Center, for over 15 years.

Dr. Rajdev believes that hands-on experience enhances learning with Science Technology Engineering and Math. Every semester NASA's Aerospace Educational Specialists from the Goddard Space Center visits her Science Methodology class and provide professional development training related to their Earth and Space Unit. She has been collaborating with NASA’s Education Specialist for several years, and together they are designing and launching an engineering webinar for the pre-service teachers to incorporate into their own teaching. Dr. Rajdev was selected by the NASA Goddard Space Center to send an experiment up on the space shuttle Atlantis in 1999.

Recently, Dr. Rajdev led 17 graduate students to India where they taught children and pre-service teachers in Porbandar, Gujarat. Dr. Rajdev organized the study-abroad experience with students from her Math and Science Methodology courses.

Dr. Rajdev has earned several grants to develop programs in STEM, for 3rd through 6th grade girls during after school. During her sabbatical, in Belfast, Dr. Rajdev initiated and replicated a STEM Leadership Student Chapter under the umbrella of International Association of STEM leaders. She is also a counselor for Marymount's chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Education Honor Society and faculty advisor for the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Student Chapter.

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