The International Association for STEM Leaders will be globally recognized for creating a "golden standard" for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEM) excellence in traditional and nontraditional educational settings for all Pre-kindergarten through adult students.


In collaboration with global STEM leaders, the IASL will provide guidance for implementing excellent STEM programming and develop a STEM education certification that is member driven, industry-based and globally recognized.

Although there have been many years of research and work in STEM, until IASL was formed, there was no single organization for those who lead STEM initiatives. More importantly, there was no universal definition of STEM education and what constitutes quality in STEM education.

To fill this organizational and leadership need, IASL in cooperation with Marymount University is charting the course for certifying STEM programs that meet specific educational criteria by focusing on student experiences, engagement, focus, and outcomes in STEM fields. IASL includes educational leaders, community citizens, corporate supporters, parents, principals, superintendents, central office administrators, higher education professionals, teachers, and students who are focused on STEM education.

  • Leads in development of internationally recognized STEM quality through a certification process that identifies excellence in STEM.
  • Maintains current information, news, and resources about the STEM industry.
  • Identifies funding opportunities for STEM programs.
  • Builds partnerships that support students seeking STEM knowledge.
  • Presents the latest in emerging STEM-related products found in public schools and higher education--especially Fab Labs.
  • Provides networking opportunities for school leaders, university thought leaders, nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners who are focused on STEM information or products.
International Association for STEM Leaders
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