The International Association for STEM Leaders will be globally recognized for creating a "golden standard" for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEM) excellence in traditional and nontraditional educational settings for all Pre-kindergarten through adult students.

In collaboration with global STEM leaders, the IASL will provide guidance for implementing excellent STEM programming and develop a STEM education certification that is member driven, industry-based and globally recognized.

inge bioCarole Cameron Inge, Ed.D., a leading social entrepreneur and advocate for STEM education, founded IASL. She has led several major STEM organizations, to include directing the NASA Center for Distance Learning for NASA Langley Research Center. During her tenure, the NASA outreach program reached over 200,000 teachers and over 4 million children through 950 international television affiliates and online mechanisms. As part of this work, Dr. Inge designed scientifically based research projects for both NASA and Discovery Education to determine the extent of increased student achievement and career exploration in STEM areas. This work was published in the U.S. Department of Education's "What Works" Clearinghouse.

For Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Dr. Inge designed and led a modeling and simulation center with a focus on STEM in the energy and environmental fields. She also founded and directed the National Institute for Technology Policy and Research, which focused on the use and transformation of technology in teaching and learning. In 2003, Dr. Inge help found a nationally recognized multi-million dollar broadband company that today provides connectivity to hundreds of schools and universities throughout Virginia. She designed and led one of the first large scale two-way interactive technology projects for education in the country and she was instrumental in launching educational video on demand services in K-12 environments. Dr. Inge is considered a leader in asynchronous and synchronous education, holding a Masters and Doctorate in education technology policy from The George Washington University.

IASL is pleased to partner with Marymount University. We believe strongly that learning should be hands-on with engaging activities for students. The Marymount model offers preservice teachers and school leaders the opportunity to learn about STE(A)M and get certified to lead STE(A)M efforts. The membership is a broad base of people working toward a common mission of bringing more collaborative, exciting activities for learning in both the school and classroom. We welcome your participation in any one of our programs, no matter what level you may be in your STE(A)M journey.

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